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How To Make A Good Impression As A Handyman / Handywoman?

A good impression that puts forward your professionalism puts your customer in trust, which will allow you to develop a long-term relationship that will benefit everyone. Here are some tips to follow that may seem like details, but that will make you stand out from the competition, all along the path of your contract. By applying these different tips, you will be able to develop a network of customers who will offer you more contracts of quality.


Answer quickly

Regardless the means of communication, whether by email or phone, respond to your customer in more than reasonable time. The longer the customer waits, the greater the chances he/she will look for someone else. Your speed of response will bring you value in the eyes of the owner. If unforeseen events occur, do not hesitate to apologize for unusual delays, your client will appreciate.

Ask questions

During the exchanges, gather as much information as possible about the work you have to do to ensure that you and your client are on the same wavelength. Thus, you will both be confident when starting work.

Introduce yourself with confidence

No need to make a spectacular entrance. Give a good handshake and put forward your dynamism and voila. The goal here is to put the customer in trust by your presence.

Take off your shoes before entering

This small gesture is far from unnoticed by the owners. In fact, it increases your credibility and demonstrates that you attach importance to cleanliness. The customer will translate this quality directly to the way you work. Note that there are boot-covers that will save you time while keeping things professional.


Collect your debris

Do not let piles of debris accumulate. Keep your workspace clean as you work and especially at the end of the day. The owner notices if you are used to leaving a clean environment behind you. By doing so, you create a professional reputation.

- Do not be dragged

Put everything in strategic places so you do not lose anything. Place your things neatly so that they are as little as possible in the way.

Inform the owner of the tasks you have completed

Without having to write a 10-pages report after each working day, inform your client verbally how advanced are the tasks. Tell him what has been done, what needs to be done, and if he has questions or other needs. Taking the time to focus on the needs of your client shows that you want the work to be done well. To facilitate communication with your client, you can even take 'before and after' photos that you can also use to promote the professionalism of your work. If you want tips on taking great photos, you can read How to take good pictures before and after renovations?


Take care to customer satisfaction

Once the work is done, make sure your tasks have been completed to meet your client's expectations. Make edits as needed without taking advantage of the time you charge.

Sell yourself

Comes now the time to leave the housing in which you have complete tasks of which you feel proud. Throughout the work, you have taken care to meet all the needs of the client while adopting a professional work ethic. At this point, the customer feels satisfaction that he will try to return you. It's the perfect time to sell yourself! Remind the customer that you are available to do the same the next time he will need a handyman / handywoman by offering him/her two business cards; one for him/her and another for recommendation to his/her entourage. Also, encourage him to share comments on the platform you are using to promote yourself in order to build your credibility online.

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