Photo by Andy / Andrew Fogg

How To Select A Handyman/ Handywoman?

Spring is coming and so are renovations!

Renovations are usually not easy to perform by ourselves and are even less with a handyman / handywoman who does his/her job in a hurry, who arrives late or who ruins you with his incompetence.

Hence the importance of making an informed choice when it comes to choosing a handyman / handywoman. Here are some points to watch for before giving a job to someone.

A handyman is above all a Jack-of-all-trade.

A handyman can be transformed into a skilled painter, a proven plumber, or an electrician in his spare time who handles both plaster and ceramics. Above all, he is a self-employed generalist who is not afraid to get his hands dirty, but who is not a specialist either. It is therefore necessary to be vigilant against the handymen who claim to be specialists in absolutely everything.

To find the one-in-a-million, it is first necessary to establish the scope of work to be done, and then list criteria wanted in choosing the type of worker needed to perform the wanted task.

Research in the time of the Internet

For a long time the search for handyman or handywoman was done mainly by the famous 'word of mouth'; by the advice of a friend or relative who was kind enough to refer someone who worked for him in the past.

However, the digital age brought the notion of 'rating' and comments. So, the first step is to check the references of the handyman on forums, sites or social networks to see if he does not have a history of disgruntled employer. You can also use different platforms that offer you the opportunity to select a handyman according to your criteria and then see the comments and ratings given to the previous work he has done.

Meeting and observations

When comes the first meeting with your handyman, it is important to observe his behavior and punctuality. If he is late for the first meeting, it might be a sign. If everything seems great, then the work done is likely to be great as well. If you are satisfied, you can add some comments and rating on the platform he’s using.

Demand guarantees

Take the time to explain your expectations, to question his skills and the tools he is working with. Then establish a schedule with him depending on his availability and agree on a estimate to avoid overruns of labor and materials costs.