photo par: geralt on pixabay

How To Take Good Before-and-after Pictures?

As a handyman or handywoman, it is important to know how to promote yourself in order to gain credibility in order to obtain contracts. To attract the attention of potential customers, you must be able to sell them your professionalism even before they contact you. To do so, nothing better than to visually show your skills with before-and-after pictures of your achievements! However, these images must be attractive to the customer if you want them to pay attention to your work. Therefore, we offer you 6 simple tips to remember in order to take quality before-and-after photos.

1) - Choosing what to showcase

Before taking the photo, take care to target what you want to highlight. This way, you will be able to choose the ideal distance to capture the details as well as the overview of the work you have done. When taking the pictures, make sure the place is clean and there are no obstructions such as hanging tools, garbage bags, furniture in the center or any other item that might reduce the clarity of your photos.

2) - Take the pictures from the same angle

The two pre-post photos are designed to compare and demonstrate the quality of your work. It is therefore important to take the two pictures in a completely similar angle.

You can take each picture from many different angles to have enough choices when comes the time to edit them. If you want to take a photo of a tall element, you can do it using a step ladder or a chair which will allow you to have a dive view of your work. In the opposite direction or against dive, you can kneel to highlight an element in height and thus have a greater effect on the photo.

3) - Choose natural light

Brightness is a very important point in taking pictures. If possible, try taking the 'after' photos at the same time of the day as the 'before' so brightness level stays the same. Avoid using the flash as it decreases the quality of your photo and tends to flatten your photos, something you do not want when making promotional before-after pictures.

4) - Use a device with good image quality

You can use a camera or your cell phone to take the pictures. However, make sure that the image quality is optimal and flattering for your work. When taking photos, do not use a digital zoom on your phone, as zooming reduces the image quality of the photo. If necessary, recompose the scene in an application like SnapSeed.

5) - Clean your lens

The cameras or cell phones circulate from one hand to another, hence the need to clean the lens with a microfiber cloth, for sale everywhere, to get a clear image.

6) - Take care of your photo

After taking good-quality before-and-after photos, it's also important to do some editing in an editing software to emphasize the quality of your work. Such software is available on cellphones. You can play with the contrasts and brightness of photos without having to use the filters available on your cell that tend to decrease the quality of your photos

And that's how you will be able to show your clients the professionalism of your work in two photos that will take only a few minutes to refine.