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Prepare His Accommodation At The Arrival Of Spring

Winter tend to leave its traces and the spring thaw sometimes gives us surprises less pleasant than sun and heat: water at the bottom of foundations, drain problems or water infiltration.

Therefore, here is some practical tips that will help you to apprehend the spring with more serenity:

Check the damage left by winter

Perform visual checks of your rental housing and detect problems with water infiltration at the bottom of the foundations, the overflow basin, the humidity level in your apartment block and especially in the basement, a seepage from concrete slab to cracks. These are often problems related to the external drain.

Examine the exterior perimeter of doors and windows in order to verify the condition of the sealants, as well as the condition of your roof and its coating.

Determine the causes of the damages in order to limit them

Now that the checks are done, the second step is to understand the nature and the cause of the problem. It is important to make sure that the water is located far from your home.

Ask for help

The next step is to hire a qualified person to help you fix the problems. Whether it is family or friends, make sure you have enough work for the help provided and to share the tasks well.

If you run out of time or do not want to involve the family, there are many ways to find a handyman or a handywoman to help you out. Make sure you use trusted sites or that the references you have are reliable.

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Prepare outdoor spaces

If you have a fence that defines your backyard, it is important to carry out a manual inspection and check if it is still stable and well anchor, especially around your door.

To enjoy your outdoor spaces, you must put on your gloves and take out your tools to build your garden or terrace after a long and hard winter.

First you have to collect all the leaves and the accumulated dirt. Remove weeds from your garden, you can use a lawn aerator. This will help keep the temperature low in summer time and also help absorb more water in rainy days.

Last advice for the road

We agree that the spring is synonymous with the beginning of the heat and it is probably the moment for you to check the condition of your ventilation and your air conditioning and their respective filters. Changing them is not very complicated and can make a big difference in the life of your devices.

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