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Preparing Your Building For Winter

Although autumn is the season of cocooning, it is also the season when cold and humidity settle. The arrival of winter therefore requires periodic preparations so that you and your tenants can enjoy the warm comfort of your home. Thus, unpleasant surprises or damages from winter will be minimized when spring arrives. Here are some measures to take inside and outside as soon as the leaves change colours.


  • Clean the ventilation circuits and check the controlled mechanical ventilation
  • Make sure there is no trace of moisture
  • Ramon and clean the chimney
  • Check the electrical installations


  • Empty the automatic irrigation system and close the external water valve
  • Check the condition of the roof and undertake the necessary renovations
  • Inspect and clean all water drains
  • Check the caulking around doors and if windows are watertight

These few checks and tasks will help you avoid winter-related incidents and reduce major heating costs. They will especially allow you to spend a comfortable and carefree winter with no worries related to your property.

Do not forget that our winters are changing and we must not only be wary of snow, but also of water and ice; causes of must damages concerning roofs, gutters and foundations. Make sure these aspects are taken into account during your fall audit.

When you will have to complete the various points on your list, using the expertise of a handyman or handywoman to help you out, can have several benefits for you. If you are uncertain, no problem! Check out our article on 5 advantages of using a handyman / handywoman to enlighten you in your decision making.

Hope this reading helped you out in any way.