3 Reasons To Promote Yourself On Bonaprt?

Nowadays, people are less and less manual, and handymen / handywomen are therefore more and more indispensable. However, as a self-employed handyman / handywoman, it can be difficult to promote yourself and get in touch with those people who absolutely need your services. Fortunately, the platform BonAprt has the mission to solve this problem, thanks to its platform, which acts as a facilitating tool. Here are the reasons why to promote yourself as a handyman or handywoman on BonAprt.

1- You get suitable contracts for you

By creating a profile on BonAprt, you will access a large network of homeowners who need your services. Thus, you will get contracts, adapted for you, according to your skills, your availability and your ability to travel. When a contract is assigned to you, you will be immediately informed by email and / or text message. In any case, you have the freedom to accept or refuse the tasks.

2- The information is centralized

BonAprt's mission is to create a vibrant community of rental housing owners and handypeople to help them be richer in time, money and interactions. All your exchanges are on the same platform; whether it is messages or cumulative hours. So, you can manage your hours, list your messages and customers in one place, in an organized and efficient way.

3- You can promote your know-how

The platform allows an easy creation of a profile highlighting your skills. Highlight photos of your latest accomplishments and add a description depicting yourself and your way of working. Thus, homeowners looking for handymen / handywomen will be more likely to contact you. Through your different contracts, you will accumulate stars and positive comments that give you more credibility toward potential future customers.

In short, BonAprt offers a service that aims to simplify the lives handymen and handywomen in search of contracts. Concentrate on the work, we will be there to support you in the promotion of your know-how, your exchanges with your customers and the management of the invoicing. Do what you love to do and let you help you with the rest. By signing up in BonAprt, you not only facilitate your search for contracts, but also participate in the development of a service that helps your customers reach you more easily.

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