10 Tips To Keep In Mind For A Successful Move Out/In

Moving is a project that requires, like any other major project, a diligent organization to make the experience as pleasant as possible. Without preparation, a move can quickly become an uncontrollable situation. Fortunately, we offer these 10 tips to reduce the scope of this source of stress and to guide you in the different stages of your move.

1- Set the date of your move

First, establish the date of your move in order to organize yourself accordingly and to avoid as many unforeseen events as possible. When choosing the date, avoid holidays such as June 24 and especially July 1: dates for which you will pay double the price and in which you may be experiencing synchronization problems. Then, prepare a schedule so you won’t be surprised by the proportions that a move can take and to avoid being last minute.

2- Prepare your new home

Before you move in all your furniture and personal belongings, undertake the various tasks that your new residence needs: a big cleaning and / or a small stroke of paint. Also, do different checks. For instance, if the electricity for hot water is at your expense, turn off the power for a few days to check if other users are enjoying your hot water.

3- Prepare a moving 'toolbox'

Build a box with all the tools you need for moving. In this box, include markers, scissors, packing tape, screwdriver, retractable blade knife (X-Acto), garbage bags, cleaning products, etc. In other words, everything you might need in any moving situation. Also be sure to include snacks and enough water to keep your energy during this long day.

4- Protect your fragile objects

ake sure your fragile items are well packaged, whether in cloths, paper or bubble wrap, so that they arrive intact at their destination. Place them in smaller boxes to reduce accidents due to heavy boxes, and identify them as fragile and identify their orientation (up-down). Move your valuable items yourself whether they are fragile or not.

5- Identify your boxes

Organize and identify the contents of your boxes to help you during unpacking and number them to confirm that they have all arrived at their destination, and not forgotten or lost somewhere. Do the same for your furniture by creating an inventory listing them. Also, to make your life and the movers’ more easy, you can indicate on your boxes in which part of your new place you want them put.

6- Choose a reliable mover

Avoid those in the classifieds improvise themselves as movers. Although the offer may be attractive because of the low price, these movers offer no compensation. If you decide to hire a moving company, check their references and online comments about them.

7- Be on the lookout for hidden fees

When you use movers, make sure you are able to get fair prices.

If you make a cost estimate, do not hesitate to provide as much detail as possible so that your estimate is as realistic as possible. You can also request a written confirmation of the hourly rate agreed for more security.

By trying to obtain this type of information from the moving company with whom you might do business, you will be able to assess whether the company is honest or not, according to the answers given.

8- Be informed about your moving insurance

Make sure you have valid proof of insurance against damage and loss. Do not hesitate to ask the name of the insurance company and make checks in case of doubts.

9- Be present

Be present at your old home when loading and at your new home during unloading to facilitate operations. You will be able to control everything, and therefore avoid unexpected situations.

10- Inspect your furniture

After the move, always inspect your furniture with the mover before signing the bill. After paying, always ask for a proper receipt showing the name and address of the mover.

Before the move, you can also take pictures of furniture that could be damaged during the move for a future declaration of insurance.

11- BONUS Tip

Do not forget to buy beer and pizza to reward your efforts and those of the people who came to your aid!