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Who are the Landlords Behind the BonApart Platform?

Interview with Nathalie, owner of a building in Montreal

BonAprt's mission is to offer the best experience to each of its members when connecting landlord and handyman. BonAprt cares about the members of its community and has therefore met some of them to know their background and to present them to you; the great humans behind the platform.

Today, we meet Nathalie, the owner of a three-unit income building here in Montreal. Over the years, Nathalie has lived in many areas of the island. From Rosemont to Hochelaga-Maisonneuve, passing by Outremont. What she loves the most about the city is the variety of beautiful shops unique to each neighborhood. Let's follow some of her favorite places ...

She proposes us a morning getaway to her favorite bakery, Arhoma on Ontario Street. For a lunch, Nathalie recommends the Burrito Revolucion at the corner of avenue d'Orléan where you can enjoy excellent burritos. And when Friday comes, she advises us to stop at La Distillerie on Masson Street to meet friends and start the weekend on the right foot. Although she is a Montrealer, Nathalie also likes to flee the urban jungle to enjoy the calm and the rhythm of nature with outdoor outings.

Beyond the investment aspect, which is a major for all landlords, Nathalie appreciates being a landlord because it allows her to express her passion for interior design, through the development of her units and the renovations she makes there punctually. The long-term investment vision and the design aspect have a weight in the scale that is much greater than the set of pitfalls she can sometimes face.

Precisely, these challenges, she has some to tell after more than 16 years as a landlord. Whatever she manages her units with rigorous follow-up, problems are sometimes unpredictable when you own buildings.

This is how she discovered BonAprt. A handyman of the platform had to destroy her balcony, and then build it like new, after sealing a breach in the basement. Fortunately, she reports that this unfortunate event unfolded in a fluid way thanks to the professionalism of the work of the people who came to her aid. Even the best-structured owners / investors are unfortunately not immune to this type of adventure. But there are resources that can help.

During our interview, Nathalie shared her enthusiasm and appreciation for her experience with the BonAprt platform. We would like to thank her for her encouraging testimonial as well as for her contribution on the platform to help us become the reference in the field.

Visit Nathalie's favorite places:

The Arhoma Factory:

Burrito Revolucion:

The Distillery Pub: