BonAprt's mission is to create a dynamic and vibrant community of Landlords and Handyman/Women and to enable them to be richer of their time, money and interactions.

For Landlords

For you landlords, we want this platform to make your life easier, free up your calendar and give you the assurance that your real estate investment is well supported. Basically, we take care of your Plexs!

For Handyman/woman

For you, easily promote your talents with your profile. Highlight photos of your latest works with related comments, efficiently manage your work hours, and access a network of landlords who need your services. We want you to take care of your work and we help you with the rest, as simple as that

A bit of us...

It is said that necessity is the mother of invention, BonAprt is no exception. Born of the personal need of its founder, himself owner of some housing, BonAprt quickly became a reality following the interest for this type of service.

It was important, from the beginning, for the founders to create a platform where community spirit would be present, users would be highlighted and everyone would find their accounts.

Values that are important to the founders and the entire team.

At BonAprt, we are moving blocks, to help you out!

How BonAprt works

Our technology platform gives you access to all services. Here is an overview of how it works in stages:

Step 1

Creating your profile and a service request

On the website, create your profile for free, choose between the option 'Handyman/Women' or 'Landlord'.

Fill out the form as accurately as possible, this way it will be easier afterwards.

Owners can create a service request directly at this stage via the form. By specifying the date, the work to be done and the place. A shortlist of potential candidates who meet your criteria will be presented to you.

By browsing the profiles of each, you can stop your choice on one of these Handyman/Women and send him an official request.

Step 2

The contact is launched

The Handyman/Women receives the owner's request and can validate it; ask questions, and make an appointment to do the work.

Step 3

The work begins

As of the date of the work, the Handyman/Women, shows up on the premises and starts the work. The work hours can recorded everyday directly on the platform and are being shared live to the Landlord.

Step 4

The end of the work

When the work is completed, simply confirm it directly on the platform and the owner will receive a warning and will have 4 days to ensure that everything is in accordance with the initial agreement.

Step 5

Stars and comments

This community is based on trust and sharing, so we invite you, at the end of the work to exchange your comments and assign you notes according to the different selected criterias. This helps to create a trustworthy community of quality.