What kind of services can I request on BonAprt?

You can ask for fairly varied repairs between changing a lock, installing a floating floor and fixing a toilet lever. Our network of handyman/woman have expertise in various fields, so do not hesitate to make your request, there is definitely someone to meet your needs. And we do not only offer indoor services, if you have outdoor work to do, from painting to landscaping to gutter cleaning. Not to mention housing visits or cleaning after a tenant's move. At BonAprt, we take care of your blocks problems!

Does BonAprt offer service in my city?

We started with the greater Montreal area, but we are expanding our territory now to other regions of Quebec, so do not hesitate to make your request, it is quite possible that we are already present in your city where we will be quickly.

Do I have to register my tenants on the platform?

No, the registration of your tenants is not necessary. We are currently working to add a quick and easy way to help you with your tenants' requests, in a direct way. We will inform you as soon as this option is available.

How to find the right person for the help I need?

Our platform offers only the people who best meet your criteria, so be as accurate as possible, so we will be able to offer you the best choice.

Will I receive an invoice?

Yes, BonAprt will issue an invoice to you in due form with the taxes. You will be able, as a rental owner, to deduct all of your operating expenses in your tax return.

Is it possible to have more than one person for a service request with you?

Yes, no problem, you can specify it in the application and we will find you the right number of people to assist you. The hourly rate for each applies for your work.

Can I have a quote before starting repairs?

Although most men and women do everything to give you an estimate of the number of hours they need to complete the work, this is not a bid. Some handyman/woman will offer bidding, but in most cases this is not available. Validate directly with them.


Is there a registration fee to create my account?

No, registration is free, your credit card will be charged only after a service request is completed. You will be charged only at the end of the work. And through our partners, we have the best standards in terms of security.

Why do I need to enter my credit card?

This will only be used after a service request is completed by a handyman. We have partners who ensure the security of your data, and who use the highest security protocols in the industry, your data is are safe with us.

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What happens after I have made my request for service?

We will suggest 3 - 4 people, who can answer your request. You consult their profile, ask them questions and finally make an official request to carry out your work.

Do I have to supply the materials for the works?

If you have the materials with you, so much the better, otherwise, our handyman/woman can do everything they can to get them, directly at the nearest hardware store. The materials will be charged to you according to the invoice price thereafter.

How to know if the quality of the work will be done well?

We are working to constantly increase the quality of service, and we have a system where you can see every handyman/woman's profile and see their details and past notes. Respect and professionalism are important at BonAprt, and we work to ensure that this reflects in the quality of the offer that is available to you.

Can I do electrical or plumbing work with you?

No, for the moment we do not offer these options through our platform, we are working to add this option in the future and offer you choices of partners that could help you.

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How much does your service cost and how do I pay?

Each handyman/woman designate their own hourly rate based on their experience, expertise and professionalism. Your choice of handyman/woman will determine the hourly rate, plus any expenses that would have occurred (purchase of materials at a hardware store) and BonAprt platform fees. (between 15 and 20% the standard in the industry). Everything is directly loaded on the credit card you entered when you registered on the platform.

Can I deduct expenses from my operating expenses on my tax return?

Yes, we issue a proper invoice, and we are registered for the provincial and federal tax.


What is the benefit of using BonAprt?

There are several. We want to help you promote, manage billing, and give you access to a pool of homeowners who are regularly looking for your services.

Do I have to accept all requests?

No, as before you can manage your schedule, accept or decline some service request. Once you have accepted an application, try to keep your obligations; your customers will be able to better evaluate and refer you. But please, answer all the requests that are made to you, this will increase your ranking on the platform and your credibility.

How much does your service cost and how do I pay?

You set your own hourly rate, at the end of the work we will make a direct transfer of the amount due minus the platform fees. (Between Three and four percent, the industry standard and mainly to cover credit card fees.)